Project Haven

Indie developer, Foresight Games, has released an inside look into the free aim and movement systems for Project Haven.

As a turn-based strategy game, Project Haven stands out thanks to free aim mechanic. After positioning a character, the player can take control of the reticle and fire on the enemy, similar to the system found in Valkyria Chronicles.

The aiming comes in especially handy as clever placement of troops can allow for collateral damage on multiple targets.

The movement of each character varies depending on carrying weight, stats, and action points. With the free movement system, Project Haven players can utilise all of the surrounding space without worrying about a grid.

Another bonus to the free movement lets character easily slip into cover. While the cover does not offer stat bonuses, it allows squad members to take shots without totally exposing their body.

Project Haven has no release window at present, however, the title is available for wishlisting on Steam.

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Richard Flint
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