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Developer Foresight Games has unveiled new story details about its gritty, mature turn-based RPG Project Haven.

Project Haven‘s narrative focuses on an elite band of mercenaries known as the Steel Dragons. The mercenaries will battle across Haven City against rival mercenaries, gangs, and corrupt government forces.

Players will lead the Steel Dragons as they try to survive and thrive within the hostile metropolis.

Additionally, the upcoming title displays intriguing social, economical, and geographical barriers that reflects the worst features of the world.

Ravaged by several catastrophic events, Haven City remains the last bastion of human life with a population of 36 million. The developer describes Haven City as a “plutocracy” catering to only the wealthiest of individuals.

The storyline for Project Haven is inspired by what Foresight Games sees as a lack of mature content in existing turn-based games. To achieve the right narrative tone, the team has hired veteran fantasy writer Edwin McRae (Path of Exile, Reign of Blood).

In addition to the promising narrative, the team has also already provided some preliminary details on the ambitious free aim and movement systems for the title.

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