Songbringer is officially slated for release this Summer 2017.


According to a report by, following a successful Kickstarter campaign in mid-2015, the procedurally-generated RPG hearkening back to The Legend of Zelda and developed by a team of one is set for a Summer 2017 release. The release date has been plugged on several channels, including the official Kickstarter campaign, the game’s publisher website, and the official game website.

The partner publisher helping the game’s solo developer, Oakland, CA based Nathanael Weiss, bring Songbringer to consoles in addition to Steam, Double Eleven, is a UK-based publisher. The team has several popular titles under its belt, including the PixelJunk series (PC), Goat Simulator (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4) and most recently working on the Xbox One, PS4 and Xbox 360 Editions of the critically acclaimed Prison Architect. Their Youtube channel also uploaded a video, which you can view below, promoting the summer release announcement.

Songbringer puts players in the shoes of Roc Epimetheos, who journeys the galaxy aboard his ship, the Songbringer, in search of somewhere to call home that the galactic police won’t find him and his friends while partying and blasting music. When Roc visits Ekzerra, he finds and takes a nanosword, unwittingly awakening an ancient evil army in the process.

The game aims to be a Zelda-like action-adventure-RPG in which you can explore over 300 million unique worlds overflowing with recently awakened demons, virus androids and other sullied creatures. Along the way you will uncover long lost devices and combine them into powerful artifacts. If you are skilled with the nanosword you will vanquish giants and save a planet from being overrun.

No two worlds, and thus gameplay experiences, are the same because of Songbringer‘s unique “seed world” system. To start a game, players choose a six-letter world seed to create a procedurally-generated planet and a unique set of overworld, secrets and dungeons. Each world seed corresponds to one unique world of over 300 million worlds. The only way for two players to experience the same exact world is for one of them to share the world seed code with the other.

There are no experience points. Rather, because it is an open and nonlinear game, progress is made by finding collectible items as well as vanquishing bosses and unlocking secrets littered throughout the world. Combining items can lead to creating new, more-powerful “artifacts.” For example, once players find the hidden droidsmith in every game world seed, they can bring to it a teleport orb and fire in a bottle to create a fire teleport orb with, albeit obviously, fire teleportation abilities. Some areas, items and enemies can only be found and accessed through certain actions or items. Even eating certain items grant access to hidden areas or the ability to perceive otherwise-invisible entrances.

Sound tantalizing/interesting? Look out for Songbringer this summer 2017 on PC, Mac, Linux and consoles.

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