Introversion Software have announced that they have teamed up with Double 11 to bring Prison Architect to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 this Spring.

Prison Architect, officially released last October for PC, after a lengthy stint in Early Access, tasks players to build and manage their own maximum security prison. The console editions will include all of the good stuff from the PC original including full story and sandbox modes, and a host of new features including new control schemes tailored to each console’s pad. The ability to share their maximum security prisons with other players and two new modes – Prison Warden and World of Warden, will also be included.

In Prison Warden Mode, players take control of one of several pre‐built prisons, while new to the console editions is the World of Wardens, a feature that grants you the ability to share your prisons online and try your hand at governing prisons that others have uploaded. Additionally, Double Eleven have put their own touch on each of these editions, creating a unique Prison Architect experience for each platform.

Mark Morris, managing director of Introversion said, “Myself, Chris Delay and the rest of the team have spent more than five years with the community making Prison Architect what it is today and we’re grateful for all the support we’ve had along the way. The decision to bring the game to new platforms and finding a partner was no easy one. Enter Double Eleven, who have demonstrated a wonderful track record in taking a known game and really making it their own. Double Eleven approached us with their ideas for the game both as a publisher and developer and we were really excited about where they wanted to take it.”

“Prison Architect stands as a truly unique, thought provoking look into how one would build and operate their own Prison playing out the consequences of your decisions. We were delighted that Introversion chose us to develop and publish the console editions of Prison Architect, as one of the most respected developers in the world that meant so much to all of us as we know this is their baby. We only take on games that we enjoy and that we know we can do a stellar job of creating; both Introversion and future players deserve no less,” said Mark South, chief operating officer of Double Eleven.

Check out the announcement trailer below to see Prison Architect running on the PS4. As always, remember to tell us what you think in the comments, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all things Single Player including the latest on Prison Architect.

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