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While ‘Island Living’ is the next flagship update for The Sims 4, Maxis has also outlined some of the other content lined up for this year.

Before beginning the announcements, senior producer Michael Duke said that 2019 is “is gonna be the best year yet” for The Sims series.

The first new add-ons will be free Pride content set to release “in the next few months” in collaboration with the It Gets Better Project, according to YouTuber Joey Graceffa. That content will include new themed items and clothing, including a gender neutral bathroom option. That content will begin rolling out across The Sims 4, Freeplay, and Mobile on June 18.

Being able to add this kind of content and hearing stories about how it positively affects LGBTQI+ gamers “makes what we do feel so much more powerful and meaningful,” said Duke.

Meanwhile, a much anticipated ‘Realm of Magic’ Game Pack will launch in the northern hemisphere’s autumn, with more details set to emerge later this year.

The other key piece of upcoming content to be revealed is a new Stuff Pack that expands on the partnership between Maxis and fashion brand Moschino, which, in addition to the expected clothing items, will introduce the freelance fashion photographer career. That pack will be available in the next few months.

These new packs and free content no doubt count towards the 20 updates that EA has in store for the game across this financial year.

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