During Bethesda’s E3 conference, Arkane Studios announced a new expansion and free update to Prey.

The free update consists of three new modes: Story Mode, Survival Mode, and the heavily requested New Game Plus.

Arkane also revealed a new DLC titled Mooncrash. This new addition will be taking a procedural approach to the experience. The player will have to fight their way off of the moon, with every run having unique hazards and enemies, making each attempt feel different. The trailer also shows off the new location that the player will be fighting through, along with some of the enemies.

The trailer also makes note that “Every death counts” and “every second matters.”

Both the update and DLC are available now.

The team has also been working on a future expansion called Typhon Hunter, consisting of one player hunting down five other players, mimicking a game of hide and seek.

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Chris Hepburn
Chris is a born and raised Canadian, Eh. He has a passion for game design and the community behind games, what they can teach and the subtle points games can make. He is a college graduate of Game Development with a specialization in Animation. Always looking to learn something new with passions in all things nerdy and human nature.

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