Prehistoric Kingdom

Prehistoric Kingdom developer Shadow Raven Studios has released its latest development blog, highlighting new species, the modular building system, concept art, sound design, and more.

One of the biggest updates in this development log revolves around Prehistoric Kingdom‘s modular building system update. The game now features 66 unique shapes for roof and wall pieces, per texture, including curved walls, rounded slopes, slanted roofs, gables, eaves, height variants, slope variants, and more.

Shadow Raven also provides a peek at its last four-star animal, Megatherium.

Megatherium in Prehistoric Kingdom

Following this look at Megatherium, the developer will begin revealing five-star creatures every two weeks.

Deeper into the blog post, Shadow Raven highlights concept art for Smilodon and also shows off some major changes to the models and anatomy of some existing species, such as Lambeosaurus, Coelodonta, and Megatherium.

Prehistoric Kingdom is currently in development after raising nearly USD$89,000 via its Kickstarter campaign, and the title is set to release sometime in the future for both PC and macOS.

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