The lead developer of upcoming action-adventure game Ghost of a Tale has released some new screenshots of the game and talked about how it is coming together. He also discussed new details regarding what we can expect to see in the game’s pre-release.

Seith’s update, which can be read here,  first touches upon the revisions and fixes the team are making to ready the game for release, from “debugging the save/load process” to amping up the movement of the in-game rats, and Seith makes it clear that he is happy with the progress they have made in doing this.

We then move to discussing the pre-release, which Seith says will probably not be ready in time for his “charitable wish” of the upcoming three weeks because of all the playtesting and bug-fixing required. He is “not about to take any shortcuts” and has thanked fans for their enduring support.

When the pre-release is made public, Seith says it will be “roughly 20-25% of the final game. It sports a little less than thirty quests (including both main and secondary ones) and lets you explore two main areas, both indoors and outdoors.”

Some game mechanics will not be making it in to the pre-release but “what’s there will give you a very accurate sense of the game’s atmosphere and scope.” The length of it is undetermined as yet, but it is set to be at least a couple of hours long, and though it looks like it will only be in English to begin with, Seith hopes to add many other languages “when money allows it.”

Finally, Seith addressed rumours that Sony would follow Microsoft, who have given the game a spot on the Xbox One, in taking Ghost of a Tale on , saying that they are aware of the game and are interested in bringing it to their newest console, but that he “can’t go in to any details about it yet.”

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