Here at we are as excited as the next individual when it comes to PAX. PAX Prime is a motherload of gaming that culminates in a three day event of delicious gaming. Our newest writer Peter is on location at PAX checking things out for us. Although PAX has only just begun, Peter wanted to give you all a taste of what you can expect:

So, PAX Prime is this weekend, and I don’t have to tell you that the streets of Seattle are clogged like a heavy set mans arteries after a Burger King binge. On my way to classes this Thursday, the day before Prime starts, there were plenty of Dev Passes walking around from the Pax Dev con going on. I, unfortunately, was unlucky enough to not get to go to that but if I had been you can bet I would have a list of new goodies that the Devs are cooking up for us, the fans and gamers.

Now for many people, PAX is like a Mecca, a pilgrimage to a promised land where gaming reigns supreme sticking to the Demos, LoL NA Regionals and goodies that comes with them, as PAX is so much more then that.

First off, there are more then just video games there. And by that I mean, PC and console. There are also Table Top games and card games happening too. Anyone even remotely interested should check out these venues as they are great ways to kill an hour or so or even to meet new people. You can also find great deals on these items as local vendors who sell games are trying to get  a reputation and clientèle through PAX. Many hard-to-find board games can be found here so check them out. Also, cool Table top gaming gear can be found here as well; from dice to bitz and maybe even models themselves. If you are looking to buy, I am willing to wager 5 dollars that they will be there. 


Secondly, INDIE GAMES! Now, I’m sure most people reading this on already are into Indie games of some kind, but let’s try to show them even more love. Remember that indie games are rapidly rising to the same quality and polish as Triple A titles, but they need our help to become popular. Most games shown here are already green lit to go through and are probably almost ready for finalization but that doesn’t mean they still can use a “Can’t wait for your game!” or “Hurry up so I can play it!”. Remember this is the way that gaming started in the first place; guys in a garage making a game. So let’s give them some love people!!

Next up, the Panels. A lot of people that are not SUPER big in the industry side of gaming probably wouldn’t even give these a second thought. But, if you take the time to look at the list of panels this year, there are some pretty popular groups going up there such as RoosterTeeth/Achievement Hunter and the Penny Arcade Guys or even the people of Extra Credtiz. They range from Q and A’s where you get to ask questions about what they are doing to talks about a connection to “Violence in video games and Mass Shootings” and to Gays/Lesbians in the Gay-ming realm.  There is something there for everyone and I encourage you to look at the panel time sheet and pick out one you might like. Who knows, you might learn something?

Finally, After Parties. Yes, many people don’t know about these, but there are PARTIES (mostly for people 21+) to go, unwind and relax with a nice frosty bev in hand and shoot the breeze with other patrons of PAX. Many local bars, pubs and other outing places are hosting a lot of night time activities and they can be found in the link below. Again, this is unfortunately for people 21 and over but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to find one for your age group if you are under the age!

Overall, PAX is so much more then JUST gaming of the video kind. It’s a culmination of EVERYTHING gaming. From the realm of Warhammer on the tops of tables to the immersive world of Minecraft to the quirky but lovable city of Los Santos of GTA 5, there is something for everyone there and I encourage, nay, implore you to expand your view of PAX and look for something you might not normally try. You never know, you might find something that becomes a new love.

Until next time (After PAX Prime), this is Peter bidding you goodbye, and I hope to see you at PAX!


Troy Hallin
Product Reviewer and Performance Writer for OnlySP.. Willing to play most all games and open to suggestions. You have a game you think I should play? Let me know. Follow me @eeohjeeki and Check out my Youtube channel @

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