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Crystal Dynamics has revealed the pre-order bonuses and collector’s editions for Marvel’s Avengers.

In a post on PlayStation Blog, Crystal Dynamics’s community and social media manager Andy Wong outlined the pre-order bonuses for Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel's Avengers - pre-order bonuses

Players who pre-order the game on the PlayStation Store will receive 1,000 Credits, which can be used in game for customization. In addition, players will also get an exclusive Ms. Marvel nameplate.

Players who pre-order the physical Deluxe Edition will receive the Obsidian Outfit Pack, where each Avenger is given metallic variants of their costumes. Pre-order owners will also receive six unique nameplates, 72-hour early access to the game, and a one month subscription to Marvel Unlimited.

The last pre-order tier is the Earth’s Mightiest Edition. This collector’s set comes with all items from the deluxe edition along with a steel book case. Players will also get 12” statue of Captain America, a Hulk bobblehead, a Mjolnir keychain, Black Widow’s belt buckle, Iron Man’s prototype armor, Kamala Khan’s Avenger pin, and a team photo of the Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers launches on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One on September 4, 2020.

First announced as The Avengers Project in January 2017Marvel’s Avengers was finally revealed at E3 in June 2019. Described as the “biggest thing we’ve ever done” by developer Crystal Dynamics, the game is viewed by the developer as a new type of live service experience expected to last multiple years, despite being fully playable in single-player. The game received a new 18-minute gameplay video last month, where some of the changes to the character models were revealed.

After seeing the game at E3 last year, OnlySP’s Michael Cripe felt that it “does not seem to pack the punch it so desperately needed for its debut,” despite having high hopes for the project before its reveal.

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