It looks like some details on Prey 2 have finally leaked.

Rumors from way back when pointed towards Prey 2 being developed by Arkane Studios after Human Head studios were removed from the project. Since that time, the project has said to have been completely rebuilt, with most of what we saw at E3 a few years ago gone. Shinobi has posted an image from a PDF document that contains a truck load of details on the project which is codenamed, “Danielle”. You can view that image just below.

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Via NeoGAF, a user has posted the information from the PDF document via Pastebin. We’ll highlight some of the more important details just below, but if you want to read the rest you can visit the link.

Platforms: Orbis (PS4), Durango (Xbox3), PC Game Mode: Single Player Ship Date: Q3 2016
1st person Immersive SimAction / RPG
• The king of Immersive Sim RPGs
• One of the most anticipated cult sequels
• You have to escape a space station where things have gone bad
Spiritual successor to System Shock 2
Insert new story here
Key Highlights
• 1st person shooter + RPG hybrid
• Deep systems with original complementary properties that encourage player creativity
• 10-20 hours per play through
• Highly re-playable due to built in variability in the design and support for multiple play styles • Randomized pick ups, objectives, gating setups.
SS2 base layer for reference
• Security cameras / Light stealth • Hacking • Crates • Security computers • Vending machines • Doors • Mutants / robots / turrets • Audio Logs of dead crew that reveal the past through arguments, research logs, etc… • Research / chemical ingredients • Resurrect Chambers • Upgrade consoles • No dialog / faceless / voiceless gender neutral hero
• RPG • Cyber modules to upgrade player • Nanites to buy shit from vending machines • Psionic powers • Guns • Ammos • Food • Comlinks from shodan • Expected missions: • Go find a log of some guy to know the code to open a door • Batteries to recharge and plug in • Find the access card to X
Our version
• Our own flavor of all of the above • Real missions where your actions are connected to the plot, not just traverse space • A truly 3D interconnected space, Visually stimulating and that offers variety • More systems in every types of systems • Powers that are not only attacks • player movement • Gadgets • Physics • Monsters • Simulation • AI • Plant grow • Ecology…
We don’t know yet which feature will stand out
Melee • Heavy Wrench • Fire Axe • Guns are very limited in ammo
Ranged • Guns and lasers • Guided Blades (crafted by player)
Psionic Powers • Pacify / Control Enemies • Pull / throw physics • Invert gravity in an area
Combat is physical
To be updated
• Self-replicating liquids that duplicates themselves every time they feed. Kill them fast or face a swarm.
• Mimics that shape shift into objects, other monsters, or the player.
• Acid breathing aliens that corrode the environment when dying, spitting, or bleeding (cool way to open doors)
• Deranged Security and Repair bots native to the ship.
Unique Aliens with Imaginative Powers
Survival aspect
• Survival aspect • Food is rare • you can be poisoned • you need to sleep • Maybe you can fall sick • radiation has leaked in some areas…
• Crafting / scavenging • Extracting a component from a monster • Make an armor from a the skin of a tough specie • Make weapons • Grow your food • Cure to poison
Compose your own play style • Growing your character should be a system if we can pull it off • Hacker • Fighter • Stealth • Psionic
Upgrade Stats, acquire psionic powers, genetically mutate and acquire properties from other aliens by sampling their DNA. • Stick to walls • Chameleon • Work on your immunities
Tailor your Character
More cool shit
• Story Choices / consequences • Variability / replay ability • Out of game experience • social / achievement / tablet • Asynchronous log sharing
The game should be hard!
• Better for tension • We’ll still have modes for Anthony and Harvey
• Monkeys!

At this point in time, none of this information is confirmed. However, it is very, very, heavily rumored that Arkane Studios took over development of Prey 2, so that much is true. Kotaku had pulled up details on the project about a year ago as to which a developer from Arkane cited them as, “press sneak fucks”. Kinda comical, but anyways, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as this story develops. Maybe a surprise E3 reveal is in store for the latest entry in the Prey franchise.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. At first i wats made its not the same game as last time we saw it but after reading how much its like ss2, i dont care anymore, i am looking forward to this being true.

  2. Whoever made up these documents should be working on their own game. I’d buy and play the hell out of it. :)

    “[…] two PDF documents that contain pictures […]”

    scribd . com/doc/227321234/Prey-2-Document-1
    scribd . com/doc/227321489/Prey-2-Document-2

    1. i love the first idea. Hope they make it. But being ambitious is not enough to make a game, i hope the final release is close to what they were desrcibing.

  3. Not sure. Sounds like the original idea of Prey 2 was better… Kinda disappointed

    1. Human Head tried to create something new which is greatly needed in this industry right now in my opinion.. Now it sounds like usual FPS. Blah

    2. I agree. You pla as an alien Bounty Hunter wasn’t it? That trailer was kind of amazing.

      1. Yes. Something about it seemed refreshing. Now just a traditional FPS based off System Shock. Not saying it’s a bad thing,but doubt I would be interested enough to buy.. Sorry

        1. ” Now just a traditional FPS based off System Shock’

          cuz thats traditional eh?

          You know i hate bioshock infintie with a passion, system shock was a amazing game and propably the best i have ever played, i got tired of seeing games turned into linear corridor shooters or open world fetch quests.

          1. Tell you what.. I want knock it until I see it ok?

          2. for all we know the leaks could have been discarded and they could have gone with some other design and have been working on it for years.

            But when you say “now it sounds like usual fps” i just cant agree. There is nothing “usual” in the leaks.



            Seriously read those things, they ideas they have are downright amazing.

          3. We will see at E3 hopefully

    3. I agree wholeheartedly and I freakng loved the whole open world bounty Hunter set up which it seems they totally cut out now. This better not become another fucking half assed shooter, I tell ya those are really starting to piss me off. Well I was really psyched to hear Prey 2 was still in the works, but after hearing that’s it’s basically gonna be another stealth based game, my hype is completely gone. Not looking forward to this at all now, thanx Arkane you killed my dream of this game ever being real…

  4. should I expect a remake of the original Prey or get the original Prey while I can?

    1. well considering that since bethesda acquired id’s games, they re-released quake iv, i wouldnt bet on a remake. Get prey on whatever system you want but keep in mind the story is unrelated and so is the gameplay.

      Prey 1 is inside a spaceship in tight corridors and you shoot monsters with fleshy weapons. There are platforms that turn everything upside down and portals. Also you cant die, you just respawn in the spirit world.

      Prey 2 WAS and i say was because that game looks like it wont ever come out and the one that will come out will be diffirent… was in a alien planet that you were a robocop bounty hunter and you climbed around while launching missiles from your shoulder and did sidequests and collect bounties.

      Totally diffirent games.

      1. Yeah I’m thinking of getting it on 360. I played the demo so I got a taste of what it’s like. I see. Can’t wait for a possible reveal at E3.

        1. can you find a copy right now? That is a the problem with old games on consoles, if you only had a old pc you could play it 1080p 60 fps with mods, seriously consider pc gaming, you can build a decent pc for 400$ type 400$ pc in youtube.

          1. I was just at Gamestop yesterday but I didn’t check so I don’t know. And yes I’m seriously considering PC gaming. My mom said that whatever money that may be left over after using my financial aid that could be used for a new PC we’ll have to see.

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