A customer survey has appeared on Reddit that shows EA might have an offline mode in the works as part of a future update for their world-building title SimCity.

The survey was posted on Reddit asking for feedback for future features. EA have been looking to implement new features such as doubling the size of cities, farms, faster rebuilding, over and underpass roads, cooperative city building, terraforming and a mode titled Classic.The Classic mode was joined by a description stating “In offline or online mode, play a single, fully functioning city using cheats and unlocks that allow you to create your perfect city.”

EA might also be adding changes to their upcoming expansion pack. Some of the features looking be added are: the ability to build a skyscraper up not out, create mulit-layered transportation, the addition of new building types for residential, commercial and industrial zone and as a result can also improve the density of their city to raise the population.

Greed Cities may also be introduced, these cities add a robotics augmentation business that adds to the overall trash and pollution produced. Green Cities might also be making an appearance to counteract the effects of Greed cities, Green Cities add an academy to research advanced technology and as a result produces wealth, workers and an easier time collaborating with other cities.

The final feature added will come in the form of Transform Tomorrow allowing players to see how their region will be effected as a result of future cities they create. This feature also gives players a chance to see how their city will grow as a result of future technological advancements.

Many players will remember SimCity’s launch problems, many struggled to log on and play due to server problems with the issue only being fixed days later.

EA have not commented on the survey as of yet.

Source: Reddit


Problems at launch resulted in low review scores for SimCity

Problems at launch resulted in low review scores for SimCity and fan disapproval over the lack of an offline mode.

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