A few months ago some promo art leaked online for Dishonored 2: The Darkness of Tyvia. You can see it here. Now, NowGamer has apparently gotten the inside scoop on some new details regarding the potential sequel to Dishonored.

According to NowGamer’s source, Dishonored 2 is currently in active development at Arkane Lyon, which is being headed by Harvey Smith and Raphael Colontonio, who was the co-creative director on the first Dishonored.

Some other details that were potentially outed about the game revolve around the setting and main character of the game. First off, the game may not feature Corvo as the main protagonist, instead, going with Emily Kaldwin, the child you were protecting/saving in the first game. As the potential title of the game suggests, it will be taking place outside of Dunwall on the island of Tyvia.

There’s a total of four islands set within the Dishonored fictional lore which includes Gristol, Tvvia, Morley and Serkonos. Gristol was the location of the first game which holds the city of Dunwall.

NowGamer made sure to note that the information that we’ve described above is potentially outdated as these details were discussed over 12 months ago in internal meetings according to the source.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest details for Dishonored 2 as we hear about them so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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