So if you hadn’t noticed, we kept the poll up for a bit longer this time around, as the tide seemed to change just about every other day between the games listed. The poll is definitely more spread out now though, with a clear cut winner and the other games taking their rightful places. The way the poll ended up is actually exactly how I predicted it would, with Bioshock Infinite in first place, Metro Last Light in second and Tomb Raider in third.

Bioshock was always destined to be the winner simply because the game looks utterly fantastic. The characters, setting and gameplay all look outstanding and we have yet to even see very much of the game. Of course, we could say the same for Metro Last Light, and I”m going to assume that our interviews had an impact on boosting the score, but I’m glad THQ is marketing the hell out of Metro Last Light, as 2033 was one of the best games this generation, in my opinion. There’s no other shooter like it on the market, save for Stalker, and it’s definitely a game that once you pick up, you’ll be so immersed that you can put it back down.

Tomb Raider looked great at E3 2012 this year and won multiple Game of the Show awards at outlets such as IGN. I didn’t exactly agree at first, but when Gamespot released the three videos we posted up the other day, I understood why. The latest Tomb Raider is basically Uncharted 2, but featuring a woman as the main character. After watching the gameplay demos, it gave me the feeling I had after watching Uncharted 2 for the first time, just a feeling of exploration and excitement.

This months poll is going to focus on OnlySP’s E3 reader Game of the Show. Yes, we don’t give the developers anything for winning our awards (sorry!), but we want to know which game has you the most excited. The list is only going to be a certain number of games that we felt truly deserved “Game of the Show”, so make sure you place your vote, and when we decide to end the poll, we’ll let you know what our vote was.

Thanks for checking back in today, and we hope you continue to keep following OnlySP as things are really starting to pick up around here.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Halo 4? Lots of multiplayer at the show even though there was no playable campaign demo. If Watch Dogs looks that good on consoles (which I doubt) then it's definitely game of the show.

  2. My pick was Bioshock on the last poll. It's my most wanted game. With it being pushed to next year along with many other big games and all the stuff shown at E3 makes 2013 look to be an even bigger and better year for gaming.

    It's a hard choice for best of show but I'm going to have to go with Tomb Raider. TR just blew me away with how much excitement they showed in the demo. They have finally really revived the series back to amazing. It looks action packed, full of drama, and plenty of exploring. I was excited about the game when they first announced it but I still had that worry. After this E3 it's all gone away.

    Watch Dogs looks very interesting but I want to see more. It looks like you can have a lot of fun hacking peoples cellphones or messing with traffic lights. Can you say who can get the biggest traffic pile up.

    AC III is looking better than the last 2 games and has me excited for the series again but it's still some of the same. I'm a lot more excited though to see it being on American soil. Plus you have wild animals to deal with too.

    Metro has impressed me so far but not a major must have. I started the first game Friday night but fell asleep playing a little in. I'll probably get some more in tonight. The games have a great story to dig into.

    Last of Us is looking amazing and very engrossing but I know it's going to be great cause it's from ND. Just watching the gameplay demo looks like it'll be an action pack thriller. Bring it on.

    FC3 has changed my mind on it and now will be a purchase for me. I'm really excited to dig into the 4-player co-op. The story looks to be a big giant mind [email protected]#$. Just what I like.

    Beyond blew me away but I want to see some gameplay. I can't wait to find out the story to this. Heavy Rain was an amazing game and this looks to blow that away. It's pretty much a guarantee that it'll be great because it's coming for QD who in my mind is an incredible developer like ND.

    After seeing some of the games coming out next year you can tell the systems still have plenty of life left in them. I'll be happy playing my PS3 a few more years still. Plus I think jumping into new systems we'll start being plague with buggy games because the devs will have some new stuff to learn. Maybe they should really learn this gen before jumping ahead.

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