Dynamax Battle

As a part of the Pokémon World Championships, the Pokémon Company revealed new features for Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The first set of announcements came in the form of a new trailer for Pokémon Sword and Shield (embedded below). As opposed to the previous trailers, this one focused on new abilities, battle items, and attacks. In particular, Galarian Wheezing’s unique ability, Neutralizing Gas, negates the abilities of all other Pokémon in a battle. Corvinknight’s hidden ability, Mirror Armor, is equally disruptive as it reflects any stat lowering moves.

This trailer specifically highlighted the move Breaking Swipe, which hits multiple targets and lowers their attack stat. This trailer also showcased that Dynamaxed Pokémon cannot flinch and that Max Moves all carry beneficial secondary effects. While the effects shown were not tied to specific attacks, individual moves were shown to boost an entire team’s attack stat, change the weather conditions, and dispel the Aura Veil status on top of doing damage.

The new items announced in this new video are sure to add a new level of strategy to battles, as well. Room Service lowers an enemy monster’s speed when Trick Room is active, giving them a better chance of attacking first. The Eject Pack held item removes a monster from battle if its stats fall, thereby negating the hindrance.

The second set of announcements took the shape of a blog post detailing the Battle Stadium online mode. This feature allows players to battle against others online either casually or in ranked mode. Winning ranked battles will allow a player to climb to higher tiers, and battle players on a similar skill level. The Battle Stadium will also have official competitions where players battle under specific rulesets in larger events and friendly competitions where players can create their own regulations for matches.

The Battle Stadium will also allow players to compete with rental teams, similar to the Battle Factory from previous Pokémon games. Players can download specific teams and monsters by inputting their unique online ID. This will allow players to try out new battle strategies without having to pour the time into leveling up specific Pokémon to compete.

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