Pokemon Quest

Pokémon Quest, a brand new Pokémon project, was announced at a conference that was live tweeted out by the official Pokémon Twitter page today.

The conference, which included attendees from both Game Freak and Nintendo, was a surprise to many despite the rumours that circulated earlier this week regarding the series.

Quest will take place in Kanto in a new location called Tumblecube Island , with the art style shifting to a more block-orientated style. Further details can be found on the official Pokémon Twitter page.

Gameplay-wise, the title is ditching the RPG elements that have become synonymous with the series, instead opting for a more action-orientated style of play. Players can build their own types of Pokémon using different assortments of blocks, with Quest lending itself to the creatively-minded.

The game will be coming out for both Switch and iOS devices, meaning Nintendo will continue with it’s current foray into the mobile market.

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