Sony’s highly anticipated video game streaming service ‘PlayStation Now’ has finally entered open beta and is available to experience right now if you’re living in the US or Canada.

The game rental service will launch with 100 different titles from a variety of different publishers and will gradually have more games added to the vault of streamable games as time goes on. All of the titles in the ‘Now’ program have typical PlayStation game features such as cloud saves, trophies, leader boards and online multiplayer access.

PlayStation Now is also fairly reasonably priced, starting at $3 for four hours, $6 for seven days, $8 for 30 days and finally $15 for 90 days per game, great pricing if you’re looking to power through some older titles. The prices are subject to change at future dates as Sony is still experimenting with the pricing structure.

The service is currently only available to PlayStation 4 users but will soon be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV and ‘select’ 2014 Sony TV’s.

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Leigh Groocock
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