This wasn’t the best Sony keynote we’ve seen. There’s was a noticeable lack of any of the upcoming first party titles that Sony has announced over the past year, and the show ended quite abruptly. Up until the last few minutes of the show, I was holding out hope for at least a teaser of a new, big first-party title from one of Sony’s studios.

As far as big announcements go, Sony’s keynote for PlayStation Experience 2015 underwhelmed. But, the lack of any big announcements isn’t what really disappointed me about the keynote. The lack of any updates on previously announced titles we’ve heard so little about was a little annoying. Sony’s line-up of games for 2016 is very strong, there’s no doubt about that. I’m glad Sony used yesterday’s keynote to put the spotlight on smaller studios and their unique titles, but almost all of it was for third-party games.

I was a little surprised at the lack of updates regarding games like RiME, What Remains of Edith Finch, The Tomorrow Children, and other previously announced titles we know so little about. If you’re going to put on a keynote that’s supposed to focus on PlayStation material, excluding games like those really doesn’t make sense to me. The funny thing about the games I listed above, though? Most of them are currently being showcased at PlayStation Experience. Hell, The Tomorrow Children even got a new trailer outside of the keynote, and What Remains of Edith Finch is playable on the show floor. RiME’s still missing in action, but Tequila Softworks is still hammering away on the game according to their official Twitter account.

Don’t take this as me being impatient for Sony to make big announcements regarding their titles. I just think it’s a tad ironic to hype up such a big event catered towards your own fanbase, and then focus almost completely on third-party stuff.

Also, I’m not sure if you noticed just how freaking often Sony used the words, “coming first to PS4”, or “console exclusive” yesterday, but it was pretty annoying after a while, especially considering how few actual PlayStation exclusives there were. Microsoft does the same thing at their press conferences, so don’t take that as me being cynical towards Sony. But, then again, this whole event is just for PlayStation…so why do we need to keep hammering down all this “exclusive for a limited time” bullshit?

Where art thou?

Where art thou?

Now that I’ve got my little rant out of the way, there was plenty of great looking games shown during the keynote. Uncharted 4 continues to look better and better with each showing and the inclusion of dialogue choices is very exciting for some reason. Many of the indie titles from Adult Swim, most notably Death’s Gambit, are looking great as well. If you want to know more about Death’s Gambit, you should definitely check out our big feature we wrote up on the devs and the game a few months ago.

PlayStation VR had a rough showing during the keynote, but many of the titles coming to the platform are looking good. Highwire Games revealed their upcoming title as a PS VR exclusive called Golem during the keynote and it was honestly the highlight of the show for me. Currently, the only games I’m really interested in learning more about regarding VR is Golem and Robinson: The Journey. Lots of developers are working on VR games, but few have managed to really convey that sense of immersing you in these fantastical worlds in a way that only VR can. We haven’t seen any gameplay for either Golem or Robinson as of yet, but the concept of what they’re trying to convey is enough to get me excited.

As cool as playing games like Driveclub or Ace Combat 7 in VR will be, I really think games like Golem and Robinson: The Journey will be what get people interested in checking out VR.

Compared to 2014’s PlayStation Experience keynote, this year’s was lacking in actual PlayStation exclusive stuff in my opinion. This keynote did a fantastic job at highlighting many of the lesser known experiences coming to the PlayStation 4 next year. I have no issue with that. But as I noted earlier, it’s a tad odd for Sony to focus so much on third-party deals rather than highlighting their previously-announced exclusive titles. Also, that abrupt ending, what was


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