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PlayStation has come out of left field by verifying copious amounts of new details about its next-generation PlayStation console.

Reported on by and confirmed by the official PlayStation Twitter account, the information drop offers details about what the console will and will not be compatible with.

Mark Cerny is returning as lead system architect this time around and, as stated toward the beginning of the Wired article, this next hardware release is “no mere upgrade.”

Playing off of this-gen’s earliest theme, PlayStation’s next console will be backwards compatible – at least with PlayStation 4 titles.

Less of a surprise is that the console will also be compatible with PSVR hardware and games. The previous two nuggets of information are the fun pieces, but now it is time to get into the meat of the article.

What is assumed to be the PlayStation 5 will sport raytracing, 8K resolutions, and an SSD. That final piece of tech specifically allows for drastically decreased loading times. In the article, Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 is used as an example, where a loading screen that would normally take 15 seconds to load now takes less than one second thanks to the new hardware.

“The CPU is based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line and contains eight cores of the company’s new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture.”

For those who may not understand the above information, just know that this console is going to carry some serious processing strength.

3D audio is also touched on in the article, though, the author’s words better describe what can be expected on that front.

“One of the words Cerny uses to describe the audio may be a familiar to those who follow virtual reality: presence, that feeling of existing inside a simulated environment.”

In many ways, the new tech is nearly incomprehensible.

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