Playing video games as a full time job sounds like a dream come true for a lot of people. Playing video games is a popular pastime that really can serve as a full-time job in terms of the time expenditure for the people who enjoy playing video games in any capacity. Getting paid for a hobby like that is much more impressive. Naturally, it should be noted that whether people are playing games at in order to earn money or working at a traditional nine to five job, all work is ultimately work. Still, the people who at least partly love what they do are going to be in an enviable position.

Playing video games as a full time job is certainly possible for the people who become video game testers. These individuals are essentially part of the quality control process for video game companies. Video game testers have to have extensive knowledge of the games that they play, of course. They can’t just passively play the games and declare whether or not they like them. They need to be able to provide reasoned and useful feedback. Still, these are people who are paid to play video games in a very literal sense. People who work as video game reviewers are more or less doing the same thing, although they are being paid for their feedback more directly.

Of course, other people are paid to play video games by the players and not just the video game companies. The world of multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft is a truly competitive one. People don’t always have time to level up their characters in order to make them truly competitive, but they will more or less pay people in order to do so. People who are able to level up characters can receive money in many different ways. However, multiplayer online games have truly managed to create their own economies, and people are capable of participating in those economies all the time if they have the requisite talents. Only the people who are truly immersed in multiplayer online gaming culture are going to be able to do this job successfully. However, plenty of people have gotten to this point.

Some people have managed to make money playing video games by being very good at entering into competitions. There are people who make money at the Euro Palace casino, for instance, benefiting from the prize money. However, people can do this at websites that are not like the Euro Palace casino as well. There are all sorts of eSport tournaments that people can try, and these are going to be some of the most lucrative for the people who are trying to make money when it comes to playing video games. Playing video games as a full time job by entering into competitions is certainly not going to be steady work. However, the people who are good enough at the entire process can still manage to make a handsome income from the games.

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