Playdead, the lauded mastermind behind LIMBO and Inside, will be exploring sci-fi in its next title.

According to Danish publication Computerworld, the developer confirmed that it will be making a sci-fi title. Little other detail was leaked, aside from the knowledge that Playdead will have 40 people on hand for development.

Further translation and reading by journalist Johnny Cullen (ResetEra user JehutyRunner) and user hanmick revealed that the project is merely in an “idea stage,” but to expect a full internal demo from Playdead next year. In simple terms, the game is a long, long way off.

Two stunning pieces of concept art have previously been revealed, which look to encompass the ethereal sci-fi design goals of this untitled project:


The developer has achieved a reputation for making concise, atmospheric, and rewarding gameplay-driven adventure titles. Both LIMBO and Inside were critical and commercial success stories, so hype for the developer’s future output is understandably high.

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Ben Newman

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