PlatinumGames (Bayonetta and NeiR:Automata) and  Cygames have released over six minutes of gameplay for the new addition to the Granblue Fantasy series, Granblue Fantasy Project Re: LINK.

The footage showcases gameplay both in and out of combat. The video starts with the player wandering around a gorgeously rendered village complete with lively NPCs. Whether these characters are interactable is  unclear at present, but, the soothing atmosphere given off by the vibrant community is enough to charm any gamer.

The second half of the clip focuses on the game’s fighting mechanics and reveals a variety of enemy types from simple mob adversaries to challenging boss battles. Cygames has also revealed that these encounters will be playable in up to four person co-op.

Granblue Fantasy Project Re: LINK is set to be released on PlayStation 4, with the launch date still yet to be announced. At present, the project has not been confirmed for a Western release. The title is being co-developed by Platinum Games and Cygames, the latter being a Japanese company that has previously made a name for itself with the mobile project Shadowverse, among other releases.

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Richard Flint
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