At Bitsummit 7 Spirits in Kyoto, Japan, Atushi Inaba and Takahisa Taura of PlatinumGames elaborated on how the studio approaches work.

Taura was previously the lead designer for NieR: Automata and is currently the director for Astral Chain. He notes that the biggest driver is passion when it comes to making games and that young developers need to come in with an open mind to learn from a variety of different sources.

Taura also spoke about the challenges of creating a new IP instead of new a entry in an existing franchise, stating that one of those challenges for him is confidence on a personal level. However, Inaba noted that Taura’s passion for game development has been crucial in keeping the pressure of creating an original game at bay from his team.

Inaba also emphasized the fostering of young developers, noting that not very many Japanese studios put in the work to do so. Additionally, he discussed how PlatinumGames develops its new creators in order to grow and create original content, saying “right now there are a lot of different games that are moving forward internally and that have not been announced, giving new directors a chance to shine in addition to what Hideki Kamiya is doing.”

Finally, Taura mentions that the team behind Astral Chain is made up of young creators, exclaiming how great it was to have fresh faces working on the game.

Astral Chain is set to release August 30, 2019 in North America and Europe for the Switch.

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