Theme park simulator Planet Coaster has today received a massive Spring update, bringing with it new rides, more variables to manage, and an expanded selection of decorations, among other additions.

The highlights of the update include three new pre-built rollercoasters and the inclusion of go-karts with a built-in track editor that will add to the game’s powerful customisation options. Alongside these inclusions are three new rides and over 150 new park objects, including fences and animatronics.

For players most enamoured by the level of micromanagement offered by Planet Coaster, however, Frontier Developments has incorporated a new feature called ‘Crime and Security,’ with dissatisfied guests now able to damage park equipment and steal from other visitors. The inclusion of CCTV and a new staff type, the security guard, is intended to provide options to keep delinquency in check.

Furthermore, the developers have incorporated three new campaign scenarios to test the player’s mettle. These obvious additions are supported by a number of behind-the-scenes alterations, included updates to the user interface, an allowance for bigger ride blueprints, and a revised prestige system.

The latest trailer for the game, embedded below, highlights these new features:

OnlySP published its belated review of Planet Coaster just a short while ago, scoring it with a Credit and calling it “a game for all seasons with options for players who enjoy both directed and free-form play.”

Alongside continued updates for Planet Coaster, Frontier Developments is also reportedly working on a new game based on a “movie franchise of global renown.” Although no details of this latest project have been announced, the company’s pedigree is enough to make it one to watch.

Planet Coaster is currently available exclusively for PC.

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Damien Lawardorn
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