Twirlbound has released stunning new screenshots from open-world landscapes in Pine and promised a “big announcement soon.”

The developer unveiled the screenshots via Twitter, showcasing wooden villages and open-world scenery spanning all four seasons.

Pine is an open-world action-adventure simulation game set in Albamare. Players will take on the role of protagonist, Hue, who will explore, trade, and fight his way through a world filled with anthropomorphic creatures.

Several years after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Pine was previously due to be released in August for PC and Nintendo Switch. However, the ambitious game was delayed to a later date in 2019.

Last month, the team teased that the release date was be announced “at the start of September,” meaning the “big announcement” may well be a finalised launch day. OnlySP will keep you updated if that does, in fact, prove to be the case.

For more information about the ambitious project, check out the interview James Billcliffe conducted with the development team back in 2016.

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Steve Carman
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  1. I’ve been interested in this one for a few years now. I hope the big announcement isn’t that it’s an Epic exclusive.

    1. I suppose it’s possible, but I doubt it for several reasons.
      1. I question whether any indie developer would tease that as a big announcement given the general disdain for EGS and recent PR disasters
      2. Epic has said they won’t sign any game that already has a release date, though there are questions about whether they’re serious about that and Pine doesn’t technically have a release date right now but the devs have said October.
      3. It’s being published by Kongregate on their store, which may be in conflict with Epic’s exclusivity clause.

      Or I could be talking out of my rear end. ☺

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