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The combat in Pine will not be as difficult as Bloodborne despite taking lots of inspiration from FromSoftware.

Speaking in an interview, Twirlbound creative director Matthijs van de Laar explained the decision to go easier on players. According to the developer, the studio did not want to make the game too hard during fights. Instead, the aim was to force players to think carefully about each encounter.

“While we don’t want to give such a tough and unforgiving experience to players,” said van de Laar. “The dynamics of the combat (it being physical and more thoughtful) have definitely inspired us.”

“The Kickstarter has been a while ago and the combat has evolved a lot ever since. But our vision was to try and avoid hack-and-slash and thoughtless combat, in favor of promoting the species as intelligent and more capable than the human player character. It’s a bit dance-like, as we always say, and that’s a vision that held up quite well.”

Pine has been in development for several years. The team organized a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017, raising €121,480 in total. However, the team has since stated that it had to look for extra funding from publishers to finish the game.

“It’s very hard to fund a team of 7 for this long on just crowdfunding, so we mainly got the second year of development out of it and an awesome loyal community,” said van de Laar. “After that we partnered up with Kongregate, who’s been helping us get to the finish line ever since.”

Although Pine still does not have an official release date, players can expect it in August. The game will launch on both PC and Switch first. Developer Twirlbound has confirmed that the team are looking at a release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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