Pine developer Twirlbound has hinted at the possibility of having a non-human protagonist in DLC for the game.

In response to a fan query on Twitter, the development team said that changing up the species is “definitely an idea we’re playing with for potential DLC.” However, the developer emphasised that the ideas at play in the game’s world are novel enough in their own right.

Furthermore, any such follow-up will likely depend on the success of the base game.

Pine takes place in a world where a number of sentient species vie with humanity for ascendancy. Players take the role of a human named Hue trying to survive in this dangerous world.

One of the strongest hooks for the game are its evolutionary systems, which players can take advantage of to befriend rivals or even move them out of areas.

Many more details about the systems and story are available in the interview OnlySP’s Nathan Gibson had with Twirlbound creative director Matthijs van der Laar recently.

Pine is scheduled to launch on October 10 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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Damien Lawardorn
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