A Triple-A PS4 exclusive getting discount, you say? Believe it or not, they are actually available for the recently released Horizon Zero Dawn. Granted it isn’t a huge saving, but it is real world cash incentives to pick up the game fast and easy (no waiting for shipping or driving to the local stores).

Going digital means you should head over to digital retailer GMG. While the digital retailer only recently began selling PS4 download codes, you do however receive a slight 7% discount off the list price for Horizon Zero Dawn. While not massive, you are getting both the small price break and paying no sales tax in the US. That’s not half-bad and considering the Digital Deluxe Edition is only available for purchase at select retailers – this makes the similar deal there also rare and enticing.

Digital Copy Deals at GMG

Physical Copy “Deals” via Best Buy

The 7% off not an enticing offer? Also on the table is Best Buy’s 20% discount for Gamers Club Unlocked members. Unlike the other deals listed above, you’ll need to be a paid member to get the discount. Membership is $30 for 2 years, which isn’t bad if you buy a lot of new or pre-order games.

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