From Light, the debut game from Faffinabout, is shaping up to be an eye-catching meditation on photography and light through the lens of a puzzle-platformer.

The project, which has been likened to games of similar ilk such as Fez and Braid, has recently passed 43% funding on Fig, which equates to just over USD$21,000 of the project’s $50,000 goal.

The game relies heavily upon photography-inspired mechanics, wherein players are expected to solve puzzles using two central systems: Freeze Frame, which allows players to freeze and phase through portions of the world, and Long Exposure, which enables players to light-paint their own platforms.

The title, in terms of mechanics, appears to be completely entrenched in the developer’s photography inspiration, ensuring From Light has a strong thematic basis, both artistically and narratively.

Story-wise, From Light treads in the path of similar puzzle-platformers where the narrative is initially simple. Players assume the role of Lumen, an interstellar nomad, who is searching for their missing friend, Phosphor. Lumen and Phosphor communicated directly though postcards, which Phosphor eventually stopped sending, and the player is tasked with figuring out why. Eventually Lumen, tracing a sole clue on Phosphor’s last postcard, ends up  on the tourist-trap planet of Paradise 252-B.

Puzzle-platformers are often rather deceptive with their story arcs, so From Light will likely expand from this simple quandry.

From Light began as a humble student project about photography, but, after recieving entry into the PAX 10 in 2015, the developer upped its intentions and ambition by deciding to expand on the initial idea.

More information can be found on the project’s Fig page. For those unfamiliar with Fig, the website is quickly becoming the go-to for indie game crowdfunding. From Light is expected to launch on PC.

For more on From Light and the world of single-player, be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter.

Ben Newman

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