Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point, the upcoming turn-based strategy game from XCOM creator Julian Gollop, will receive free DLC following its initial release.

The DLC in question will be the ‘Floating Phoenix Base‘ that was set to be unlocked at $850,000 during the initial Fig campaign. In the main game, players will be able to set up a land-based operation, while this DLC will enable sea exploration, allowing players to explore the source of the alien incursion more effectively.

Snapshot Games made the announcement to celebrate the milestone of having acquired more than USD$1 million through its ongoing crowdfunding and investment campaign. Alongside this announcement, Snapshot Games also revealed that the studio’s staff has doubled in size since the project began its crowdfunding campaign, with Gollop saying, “we have added some tremendous design, art and technical talent to the team.”

Phoenix Point takes place in a dystopian future where the discovery of a mysterious virus sets in motion a chain of events that see the world altered beyond all recognition. Players take control of The Phoenix Project, dedicated to finding out more about the virus while also balancing the demands of various factions. The game will draw many cues from XCOM, including the turn-based battle system and Geoscape, while adding a few unique features, including massive boss battles and mutating enemies.

Despite being revealed almost two years agoPhoenix Point only began to seek funding earlier this year, successfully raising more than $750,000 off an initial goal of $500,000. The game is currently targeting a late 2018 release on PC and Mac.

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