Phoenix Point

The upcoming spiritual successor to the original XCOM games, Phoenix Point, has been delayed to a tentative June 2019 release window.

The project was previously scheduled to launch at the tail end of 2018, but the lead designer (and creator of the XCOM franchise) Julian Gollop announced that the postponement comes in the wake of unexpected excitement, pushing up expectations. Consequently, the team has expanded, now comprising 35 developers, with a determination to increase the production values and scope of the title.

Coinciding with the announcement, the team has pledged to release an updated Backer Build of the title every two months for those who have pre-ordered the luxury digital edition of the game. The latest release will be available tomorrow, adding in a number of minor menu options, bug fixes, and bringing the pre-release build to Mac and Linux for the first time.

Gollop’s full announcement is included in the video below.

For anyone unfamiliar, Phoenix Point puts players in control of a faction fighting back against alien creatures emerging from the sea following the release of a mutative virus. Enemies will mutate depending on the tactics employed by players, and most of the game’s maps will employ procedural generation.

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