Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point, the new turn-based strategy game from XCOM’s creator Julian Gollop, has raised the $500,000 needed to ensure continued development.

As a result of this success, the developers at Snapshot Games have revealed the first two stretch goals for the project, drivable vehicles and a floating base.

Vehicles will be added to the game if the Fig-based crowdfunding campaign reaches $650,000. This addition will have a considerable impact during battle, providing heavy artillery support for the infantry units, as well as providing an easy evacuation option. Furthermore, the developers have promised a range of construction options, suggesting that a vehicle’s design will affect its abilities.

The airborne base of operations, meanwhile, will be added if the campaign reaches $850,000. Given that the seas of the game are controlled by the enemies, this inclusion will allow players to penetrate more deeply into enemy territory while also increasing the risk of attack, and introducing a new form of defence mission.

Phoenix Point reached its initial funding goal within a week of launching the campaign, and with more than a month remaining until the campaign ends, both of these stretch goals are definitely within reach.

Phoenix Point sees Gollop returning to the genre he pioneered with XCOM, while introducing an array of new features in an attempt to innovate, including an evolutionary system for enemy types and tactics, and large-scale boss battles to offer an entirely different type of challenge.

OnlySP spotlighted Phoenix Point as one of the most promising indie games to begin its promotion last week.

The game is currently scheduled the release in late 2018, exclusively for PC. More details are available in OnlySP’s previous coverage of the title.

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