Phoenix Point

Despite promising that the turn-based strategy game Phoenix Point would be available on Game Pass for PC on day one, the developer has been forced to delay the launch.

Writing on the team’s official forum, community manager Kevin Hill said that the team takes full responsibility for the delay. Namely, a lack of preparation meant that the developer had not fulfilled all of its obligations to enable the game to launch on the Microsoft Store on December 5.

While those initial obstacles have now been overcome, “they have given rise to a number of new delays,” writes Hill.

“Specifically, we are currently unable to make the same content available on Microsoft’s platform that is available to players on other platforms. Since we want to make sure all players have access to all versions of Phoenix Point regardless of where they choose to play, we need to get this working before we can release.”

As a result, the team is unable to provide a firm release window for the Game Pass for PC and Microsoft Store versions of the game. However, Hill notes that the team is working as quickly as it can to resolve the issues.

Currently, Phoenix Point is only available via the Epic Games Store, though it is slated to arrive on Xbox One in early 2020 and PlayStation 4 later in the year.

OnlySP’s review will be available this weekend.

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