Snapshot Games’s Phoenix Point Fig campaign has reached its conclusion, and the team has surpassed the $500,000 funding goal.

At the crowdfunding campaign’s conclusion, Snapshot Games has raised $765,858 for Phoenix Point’s development, meaning one of the game’s stretch goals was also met. The completed stretch goal was drivable vehicles.

As with most funding campaigns, contributors of certain amounts (or more) are granted access to bonuses they can use either in the game or as physical collectibles. The highest bonus figure in the campaign is a contribution of $4,000. Among this high donation’s benefits are early access to Phoenix Point, an Alien chitin armor set in-game, signed collector’s edition, a day at the Snapshot Games haven, and more. More details about the campaign’s results are available here.

Phoenix Point is a fusion of Fallout and Xcom. Featuring turn-based tactics from the original XCOM series creator, the game sports “world based strategy against a terrifying, alien menace.” The game takes place in the relatively near-future, beginning in the year 2022 when something known as the Pandoravirus mutates ocean life into something alien that invades the land.

When players take control of their cell of the Phoenix Project in the year 2057, the game’s present day, they will be tasked with finding out what happened to the project’s other cells while combating the alien threat. During their journey, gamers will employ turn-based tactics; fight different types of aliens; combat bosses; and develop their squads with new talents, weapons, and equipment. In addition, Phoenix Point’s environments are destructible, and the game’s “Geoscape” gives players a strategic view of the game world’s situation. Through Geoscape, users will plan their next move, from missions and exploration to research and scavenging.

OnlySP will be reporting more developments on Phoenix Point and all things single-player as they occur. To stay in the know, bookmark OnlySP and follow the site on Facebook and Twitter.

Dylan Warman

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