Phoenix Point

The Epic Games Store has nabbed another high-profile exclusive, adding Phoenix Point to its list of unique content.

As is the case with Close to the Sun, Metro Exodus, and Hades, Phoenix Point will have a year’s exclusivity to Epic’s storefront on both PC and Mac.

To help assuage concerns, those who backed the game during its Fig campaign or have since preordered it will receive the first year’s DLC completely free of charge.

Meanwhile, anyone who opposes Snapshot Games’s decision will be able to request a full refund. Nevertheless, backers will also still receive a Steam or key once the exclusivity period expires.

Phoenix Point will still be available on Xbox One. The game is currently expected to have its full release in September 2019 following a three-month delay earlier this year.

Following the furore over Metro Exodus’s exclusivity to Epic’s storefront, OnlySP’s Ben Newman argued that the competition with Valve may be beneficial for single-player-oriented development teams.

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Damien Lawardorn
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