Phoenix Point

Developer Snapshot Games has treated fans to an in-depth look into the current studio build of Phoenix Point.

Traditionally, Snapshot Games has released short, text-based updates, but, beginning with this update, the studio will provide Let’s Play-styled videos instead.

The footage briefly shows the planned cutscenes mentioned in the previous update, albeit without sound.

Several changes made to the UI will help players see boundaries around the map. A large orange warning banner can now be seen along the exterior, representing the out-of-bounds zones. Edges of the environments are also no longer bland grey zones, but have been replaced by additional scenery.

The gameplay showcases a new voice pack complete with unique soldier portraits for each squad member. Portraits can be changed as part of the customisation system, which is split into three categories: Customise, Training, and Equipment. The Training and Equipment tabs are essential because they act as the levelling up mechanic by upgrading skills, altering loadouts, and mounts.

Customisation has received a major upgrade with players able to change team members’ gender, face, hair, armour, and more. Each character class will also have unique armour variants to choose between.

More customisation options will be available on launch with the update simply providing a look at the basics. The video also includes a full-length combat encounter.

Phoenix Point is set to release in December for PC and Xbox One.

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