Julian Gollop, CEO and chief designer of Snapshot Games and creator of the X-COM series, recently hosted a Facebook AMA, taking on more questions about the upcoming Phoenix Point.

Among the topics covered in the Q&A was insight into the environment of Phoenix Point. Coming fourteen minutes into the session, Gollop revealed the exciting news of the inclusion of a day/night cycle, which will allow for nighttime espionage missions. Gollop also teased that certain enemies will thrive and act far more aggressively once the sun goes down, leading fans to believe that managing daylight carefully will be a key factor to success in campaigns.

Along with the time of day, players will also have to manage environmental factors such as an enemy-created “semi-intelligent mist” that can spread across the world map naturally or be dispersed manually by another specialized type of foe. Counter-technology will be available for development and will be crucial considering the mist can not only conceal the creature’s movements, but heal them as well. This aspect, along with the presence of procedurally-generated destructible environments, implies a heavy focus on the utilization of the battleground, which is a mainstay of the turn-based strategy genre.

More was revealed about the world of Phoenix Point, particularly the role it serves in telling unique stories through gameplay. The world map will not be divided into predetermined areas. A little over halfway through the AMA, Gollop said that the world develops organically, with each faction having a growing sphere of influence in their areas of operation. Independent settlements, referred to as “havens”, will be scattered across the globe, each with their own technology, leaders (who are named after backers who helped fund the game), and potential storylines. Over the course of the campaign, these havens will be sought out by the main factions, eventually resulting in the settlement being either assimilated or destroyed.

Gollop and his team will be attending PC Gamer Weekender on the weekend of February 17 and EGX Rezzed on April 13 through 15, both of which will host a playable demo of the game.

Phoenix Point is scheduled for release in late 2018, for PC, macOS, and Linux.

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