While Microsoft’s press conference may have underwhelmed some, the information trickling out in its fallout whets the appetite.

In a sweeping interview with gamesindustry.biz, Phil Spencer opened up on Microsoft’s studio spending spree and acquisition of Double Fine. Most interestingly, however, Spencer expressed interest in acquiring “an Asian studio, in particular, a Japanese studio.” Expanding on that point, Spencer reflected more deeply on the subject:

“I liked it when we had some first-party capability in Japan. We have a small team there, but I think we can do more. That said, through our trips to Japan, I love having Phantasy Star back on our stage with Sega — I thought that was fantastic. Miyazaki-San, before with Dark Souls and now having Elden Ring on our stage […] the Japanese creators have shown up more and more.”

The interview itself expands more on a whole lot of Microsoft, so do check it out. The admission of interest in the Japanese market, though, shows that Microsoft’s passion for first-party studios isn’t slowing.

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Ben Newman

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