It looks like Phil Fish is back and is still dead set on not developing a sequel to the popular indie title FEZ, which is currently being offered for free on the Playstation Store. In his latest round of outlandish Tweets, the developer has once again, acted quite belligerently on his Twitter account.

The first tweet Fish sent out about FEZ 2 today was in response to many “fans” asking where FEZ 2 was and if he ever planned to make it. While I’m sure there were some sincere people asking about it, I have no doubt others were doing it to just antagonize him. At the same time, the response given is in no way the right way to go about things. Check out the first Tweet below and be on the lookout for some vulgar language.

In a second response, another fan who confronted Phil Fish about the previous Tweet seen above was labelled as an entitled gamer by Fish.

I totally understand why some of these comments are made by Phil Fish, but at the same time, it’s highly unnecessary and is only giving those that are trolling him what they want. These reactions clearly make him look bad and will not help him with any future projects. This is a classic case of thinking about what you say before posting it for everyone to see online. Some can defend this action saying it’s only directed at the hothead gamers, but he didn’t make it clear in the first Tweet.

I normally don’t report on things like this for how pointless it is to, but considering his game is FREE on the Playstation Store right now, it’s kinda relevant to the new fans he might be obtaining.

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