Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal has teased its new battle theme entitled ‘Take Over’ in a short Twitter video.

The clip, embedded below, shows roughly half a minute of gameplay, which includes some animation changes compared to the base game. Namely, a new aura effect appears when using a baton pass.

However, ‘Last Surprise’, the original theme, will play during a normal battle; ‘Take Over’ will only play during a pre-emptive attack. Check out the clip below:

A rough Google translation of the tweet’s description reads:

“In response to the message sent to the box, [we] show the introduction part of the new battle song of P5R! Please ask! We will deliver the beginning of the battle in which Over flows! By the way, ‘Last Surprise’ flows in the normal encounter.”

Persona 5 Royal comes to PlayStation 4 in the West next year. Re-visit the game’s E3 trailer here.

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  1. I want to point out a small error in the article. “Last Minute” should be “Last Surprise”, that’s the original name of the battle theme. You’re welcome!

      1. No problem!

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