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Perils of Man from Swedish indie developer IF Games is an episodic adventure game. Its first two entries were iOS only releases, but IF, headed by ex-LucasArts game designer and industry veteran, Bill Tiller, have now confirmed that the series will make its way to PC and Mac systems. The complete series, spanning seven chapters, is being developed and released in partnership with Vertigo Games, a Dutch developer. Check out the announcement trailer, which was recently released on Vimeo, below.

Perils of Man follows the story of Ana Eberling, a 16-year-old girl whose father has gone missing. One day she receives a gift from the missing man and it sets off a series of events which will uncover deep family secrets.  It will also catapult Ana through time in her quest to solve the disappearance of her dad and why family members have so closely guarded its history.

“Each episode gives the player 2-3 hours of haunting adventure set in a unique and evocative graphic style…”

The series is scheduled for release via the Steam platform on April 28th, 2015 and promises to “reboot the classic adventure game”, using a combination of both 1st and 3rd person perspectives as you solve numerous puzzles and traverse the 24 distinct environments in 2-3 hour episodic increments.

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