Perception, a first-person horror game with an emphasis on a chilling narrative, has received an official launch trailer from the game’s developer, The Deep End Games.

The launch trailer provides more glimpses of Perception’s setting: a house that haunts the protagonist’s dreams. In addition, Cassie—the player-character and Perception’s blind protagonist with unparalleled senses and hearing—provides more narration as she investigates the dreaded house. Angela Morris, the actress behind Cassie, does an impressive job of evoking terror through her convincing voice work in the game’s trailers, which is promising for the game itself. Watch the full Perception launch trailer below.

Despite the exciting prospect of traversing a haunted house in a first-person perspective, console players will have to wait an extra week before they can get their hands on the game. The Deep End Games provided the following Tweet regarding the delay:

Perception is a first-person adventure-horror video game with a heavy emphasis on narrative. The game follows the journey of Cassie, a blind girl with extraordinary senses, as she explores a house that haunts her dreams. During her adventure, Cassie will discover what is causing the anomalies occurring in the house, such as strange voices, physical harm to people who have ventured inside in the past, and other horrific incidents.

The game will be available for PC via Steam and GOG on May 30, 2017, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will have to wait an extra week.

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Dylan Warman

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