A while back Overkill released their well known and awesome game Payday, a four player heavy co-op game where you play as part of a group hell bent on robbing banks, gangs, vaults and in their DLC even blood (in their little nod toward Left 4 Dead).

The game was great, it had a leveling system that improved your equipment and even gave you some from time to time and you had initially three but then four (after the DLC) skill trees. It also had some great replayability, for me at least, in the fact that there were little side missions such as finding the hidden ten bundles of cash in a gangs apartment block. However the core parts of the game i.e. actual goals/equipment was always the same and was always in one of about three places, which gave it variety but not a lot.

I was thrilled to hear the announcement sometime ago that Overkill were going to release a Payday 2, which gave you more options of how to play; e.g. stealthy/guns a’blazing, gave you more freedom with layouts and set ups such as buying blueprints to the joints you planned on robbing and much more defined skill trees allowing you to be an expert locksmith or a demo heavy pyromaniac.

Recently, to show off these improvements to the game, David Golfarb played through a mission where by you have to steal several high value paintings. I am psyched for this game and if you weren’t after this video, you should be.

Payday 2 is out in August and if you pre-order via Steam you can get unique weapon modifications, masks and if you go for the Career Criminal Edition 2 Beta Keys!

Let us know what you’re looking forward to from Payday 2!

(Source: GameSpot YouTube)

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