Its been a long week, but PAX Prime is over, and its time for that final round-up. Below is a list of all the news and articles that I was able to cover at PAX Prime, including photos I took of the show (some might include my handsome face).

At Pax Prime 2014, there was a lot to do and not enough time. The convention has six levels of various booths, with the fourth floor being the main expo. Booths such as Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda, and Ubisoft adorn the halls, as huge lines line up to try the new games. On the top floor, indie booths had fun with games such as Pillars of Eternity and Adventures of Pip.

The convention also features various fun activities and stores such as the official Capcom store and a cage fight arena for Far Cry 4, where fans had a chance to win a free Playstation 4. The biggest lines at PAX Prime were Alien Isolation and Evolve, and as two of the most popular games, fans were treated with plenty to be excited about in the demos.

Below are a list of links of the games I was able to get my hands on at PAX. I enjoyed all the titles and encourage everyone to look more into some of these games.

PAX Impressions: Adventures of Pip hands-on

PAX Impressions: The Evil Within hands-on

PAX Impressions Pillars of Eternity hands on

PAX Impressions: Dead Island 2 hands-on

PAX Impressions: Moonrise first hands-on demo

PAX Impressions: Bloodborne hands-on

PAX Impressions: Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor hands-on

PAX Impressions: Orbiter and Storm Worm hands-on

PAX Impressions: Until Dawn hands-on

PAX Impressions: Dragon Fin Soup hands-on

PAX Impressions: Boo Bunny Plague hands-on

PAX Impressions: Far Cry 4 hands-on

PAX Panel: Firewatch Panel reveal of first gameplay and trailer

PAX Impressions: Hand of Fate hands-on

PAX Impression: Lords of the Fallen hands-on

PAX Impressions: Interstellar Marines hands-on

PAX Impressions: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number hands-on

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