Defiant Entertainment is making a mighty gem with their new addicting game. In Hand of Fate, players explore to a cabin at the end of the world to meet the dealer. The main protagonist has lost his loved one, and seeks to bring her back from the dead, and only the dealer will have the answers he seeks.


In the game, the player will be given cards from the dealer that determines their fate. Encounters will be detailed and have random events occur, such as a thief coming across and stealing your items, or rock traps impeding your way. Other cards will give you success rates and items to help you along your quest.

The player must defeat 12 different bosses such as the Queen of Dust and Jack of Bones. Hand of Fate is based on a combination of Roguelike and card games, with all cards coming to life in beautiful 3D models as they explore the world.


In my play-through, I explored a dungeon to search for the Queen of Dust, a nasty boss who relies on others. Creative Director Morgan Jaffit, and Kim Allon Producer on the game as they walked me through the demo. My character encountered several monster cards and I began the quick combat system.

The game’s battle system is fast-paced and similar to the Batman Arkham games, with stunning counters and quick strikes. As I continue onward I encounter thieves who have ambushed my character in the forest, shops that sell cards and food for health, and strange treasure as the dealer hands me cards to direct my quest.


When I arrive at the Queen of Dust, a fierce battle starts, as her minions rip me apart and a Ballista fires from the distance to slow me down. The queen has powerful attacks that I dodge, but her strikes seem to find me and take away large portions of health.

With 12 health left I throw all my attacks at the queen and finish her. As a reward I am rewarded with more unique cards of weapons, armor, and relics that I can use in other dungeons. Relics are magical items that allow my character to cast powerful spells.


I asked Mr. Jaffit about where the inspiration for the core mechanics of the game came to be, and he explained their development process, “Our company wanted to do something different, that other developers hadn’t copied, and harkened back to old Roguelike games. Our developers are huge card game fans, and ideas began to blossom, and we knew we had something.”

Hand of Fate will also feature other modes such as Endless mode were all the monsters of the game such as lizard men and giant rats will continue to attack until your player dies. Hand of Fate was fully funded by Kickstarter with a total of $54, 095 and over 1400 backers. The game is available for PC, Mac, Linux, and plans to release on PS Vita and PS4.

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