While at PAX Prime 2014, I was lucky enough to play a 25 minute demo of The Evil Within. Chapter 9, Cruelest Intentions was the title of the demo. Even while waiting in the loading screen, you feel an ominous fear hanging over you thanks to the brilliant sound design.


As Sebastian walks up the creepy mansion, I open the doors and have a strange feeling of awe and horror at the scene. Walking inside the player is granted to the site of a mysterious doctor and his patient running away through the middle door on the first floor. with multiple options, I open a door with blood smeared in a circle. A cracked mirror with a light can be seen, and by holding the A button you are transported to a twisted macabre place.

Sebastian is greeted by a nurse at the desk, and as I navigated I was soon visited by hideous ghouls that attacked me. Because of my poor skill, I was soon ambushed by the ghouls despite shooting them in the head multiple times. My attempts to run were futile as they surrounded me and ripped me apart.


I had the luxury of playing the game on Xbox One, and the game looked fantastic. The controls were all smooth and the puzzles were balanced according to difficulty. The atmosphere of the game really shines, and Shinji Mikami has really harken back to what Survival-Horror is really about.

The Evil Within releases on October 14, 2014 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC.

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Tripp Papineau
My name is Tripp Papineau and I am an avid gamer and have a passion for writing. I have graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a BA in creative writing and have been writing as a journalist in the video game industry for three years.

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  1. This is a game which has divided the SH community. Some people claim it’s just RE4 all over again (that is, an action game with a coat paint of ‘horror’); others claim it’s as SH as it gets. I guess I won’t be sure unless I play it.

    1. Honestly, this game doesn’t look nowhere near as scary as P.T. was. I feel like it’s very much RE4 in the way that RE4 wasn’t that scary the longer you played it.

      1. PT wasn’t Survival Horror. It was pure ‘crap your pants’ horror. Survival Horror games aren’t about making you so scared you can’t touch the controller anymore. They’re about tension, managing resources and choosing whether to fight or run. PT, was Pure Horror – which was amazing, by the way – but it’s not SH from the moment it denies you the opportunity to choose whether to fight or run.

      2. RE4 was never scary to begin with, this on the other hand isn’t dismissing the horror aspect like RE4 did, it’s pushing it to the front this time.

        As an oldschool Resident evil fan, I can’t wait for this game, looks and sounds incredible.

  2. FPS KIDS…..

  3. MIKAMI <3

  4. I hope these loading screens are shorter than they were in the recent walkthrough. Other than that, I can’t wait.

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