Dragon Fin Soup is an intelligent and beautifully design indie game that combines the Roguelike genre of games with clever RPG mechanics and comedy. The game sets out to touch on issues often avoided in AAA games and brings back the difficulty of older titles.


The world of Dragon Fin Soup takes place on Asura, a land that resides on top of a giant dragon-like turtle. The main character of the world is Red Robin, an alcoholic girl with a cheerful demeanor who acts as a mercenary on the side. As players explore the world, the lore of the universe will unravel, and Red Robin’s journey will unfold. Red Robin is inspired by the fairy tale character Red Hiding Hood, and she will have a companion pet wolf named Big Bad.

Other characters and party members are planned to be introduced further into development, such as Morgiana, a slave turned assassin who is inspired from the fairy tale Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. She was trained as a dancer for the assassins, until she rebelled and escaped.


The game is played from a top down perspective like in traditional RPG games, and features Super Nintendo-like graphics. All movements are taken in turns, and include scripted events at random. The world is branching and mysterious. The player is encouraged to explore the world without the game holding the players hand throughout their play-through.

In the demo I played, I was lost in a forest with a party. I soon explore the world and destroy objects in my way, but Soon ambushed by a thief and killed, however this segment was all a dream, and Red Robin wakes up from a nasty hangover from the day before. The first thing she decides to do is go back to the tavern and get drunk again, an example of the clever humor throughout the game.


I reach the tavern and try to convince the bartender to serve me a drink, however Red Robin has a huge tab, so she must search for a quest to find more money.

Before she has a chance to act the town is attacked and ravaged by fire. The dead have risen from the cemetery, attacking civilians and animals. I go outside and engage the zombies in battle, before being taken apart by the brutal combat system.

Ash Monif, CEO of Grimm Bros, LLC, described their decision to make the character of Red Robin such a fun and flawed character, “We wanted to make a flawed character, someone the audience can find appealing and real.” He aslo talked about the decision to allow players to make their own unique zones for players to create and send to friends, “Players like to have fun experiences, and trade their experiences for others to enjoy, so we included in the leader boards and survival mode.” I decided to make my world Tripp Nas-T.

Dragon Fin Soup plans to release on PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, and PS4 in 2015.

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