Can you imagine a a walking talking robot that loves to play guitar and sing, while having adventures with his Yellow mechanical killing machine with every type of gun imaginable? This is the description of Boo Bunny Plague, a new indie game from the brain child of On The Level games. The game was Greenlight by Steam and releases on September 4th for PC, Mac, and Linux.


In the hilarious world of Boo Bunny Plague, players join Bunny and Gunny as they go on crazy adventures and kill anyone who gets in their way. Bunny met Gunny after he killed his creator for interrupting his song, and bashed his guitar over and over again with rage, while leaving him on the floor a bloody mess. As Bunny tried to escape he was saved by Gunny, who  warps him away from other robots and a mechanical T-Rex.

In the mission I played, I am tasked by a transformer looking robot named Nimrod to clear the town of the viking infestation. After exploring the world and killing vikings, Bunny learns he must face Thor the thunder God to earn enough money for a auto repair system. Bunny is wasting away and requires repair, and over time he will die if he doesn’t buy one.


The battle with a God of Thunder is not easy. Thor moves slow allowing me deal tons of blows, but one swipe of his hammer takes Bunny’s health to near zero. The best strategy is to hit and run, but in the end Thor ravages me with thunder, ending my demo.

I asked Bunny the Audio Director who voices Bunny, and Rikki Knight the Art Director, how the concept of Bunny Boo Plague came about. They explained that it came from a combination for the love of music, comics, and comedy. They wanted to make a simple but addicting game that fans would enjoy. The game will feature over 31 original songs, with many sung by Bunny himself.

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