Adventures of Pip is many things, interesting, strategic, and colorful. But the gameplay is where the game shines. As I met with Game Designer Marc Gomez and CEO of Tictic Games, Shereef Morse, and they described to me their vision and hard work.


In the Adventures of Pip, you play as Pip, a single pixel character who is surrounded by 32-bit characters in his world. But despite his appearance he is the only one brave enough to rescue the princess from the evil Skeleton Queen. Along his journey Pip encounters the ghost of the knight Sir William, who grants Pip the power of the Bit Stream, which allows him to transform into many different forms to help him on his quest.

With the art of a traditional Side-Scroller, but the gameplay of an intelligent experience, Adventures of Pip will cater to both fans of old classics and indie games. Pip can transform into three different forms thanks to the Bit Stream, which allows him to access secret locations and battle enemies.

When designing the game, Marc Gomez, explained that, “The idea of making Pip was not to make a retro game, but about how the pixels tie into the main story of the game and evolve.” As Pip travels the 32-bit world he will encounter more enemies and friends and learn what it means to be a pixel.EnvironmentForest

Shereef Morse explained the long development cycle of Pip, as the brain child of a 3 year long idea that finally flourished thanks to fan support. He went on to explain that, “50% of the funding has been accomplished, and that they hope PAX will draw more support from the fans.”

Watching the game in action, I can say it looks amazing, and that it deserves all the public support and funding it deserves. The game has a tentative release date in 2015 and plans to release on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Wii U. to support the game visit here.

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