Pathway, the upcoming turn-based strategy game by German-based studio Robotality, has a newly-released gameplay trailer complete with some striking location-based pixel art and plenty of detail.

The standout of the preview—much like the rest of publisher Chucklefish’s catalogue—is Pathway‘s visuals, which blend recognisable biomes and locations with fluid 16-bit art and animation.

Gameplay-wise, the game matches turn-based combat with unique story encounters. Partially similar to games such as FTL: Faster Than Light, each story encounter can lead to positive or negative effects for the player and their party.

The preview takes place in the game’s second campaign: ‘The Wrath of God’. Pathway will feature five campaigns, each with its own story and difficulty.

Set in the twilight of the interwar period, Pathway channels the politics of the period to illustrate a fantastical journey through the tombs and ruins of Europe and the Middle East. Using the direct motivation to find a lost friend, the player and their ragtag crew of explorers descend into an international chase through myths, legends, and militarised occultism.

For a heap of information on the game’s combat, enemy types, and overall design, check out the preview embedded below:

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